Permanent makeup, also known as micro pigmentation or cosmetic tattooing, is a cosmetic procedure in which pigment is implanted into the skin to enhance or mimic the appearance of makeup. It can be a time-saving and convenient solution for individuals who want to enhance their facial features or have difficulties applying traditional makeup.


Eyebrow permanent makeup, also known as microblading or cosmetic tattooing, is a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure used to enhance the appearance of eyebrows.


Microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure used to enhance the appearance of eyebrows. in this technique we use a manual handheld tool to create small, fine hair-like strokes on the skin. These strokes are made with a pigment that matches the natural color of the eyebrows, giving the appearance of fuller, more defined brows.

Powder/Ombre brows:

Powder brows, also known as ombre brows, are another popular semi-permanent cosmetic eyebrow enhancement technique. The artist uses a cosmetic tattoo machine instead of a manual handheld tool. The machine is equipped with a fine needle that deposits pigment into the skin in a stippling or shading technique. The pigment is distributed more evenly across the brow area, creating a soft, powdered effect that gradually fades from darker at the tail to lighter at the front of the brows.

Nano blading:

Nano blading is also known as micro stroking. Instead of a manual handheld tool artist uses a cosmetic tattoo machine with a needle. The needle is much smaller than the standard microblading blade, allowing for even more detailed and intricate work. The extremely fine strokes can closely mimic the appearance of real eyebrow hairs, resulting in a highly realistic and natural finish.

Combo brows:

Combo brows are a combination of two techniques of microblading/micro stroking and powder/ombre brows. In this technique, the artist uses a microblading technique for the initial part of the eyebrow (usually the front or inner section) to create hair-like strokes. Then, they switch to a cosmetic tattoo machine for the rest of the eyebrow to apply to shade, creating a softer, powdered effect towards the tail. Combo brows are an excellent choice for clients who want to achieve a harmonious balance between the realism of microblading and the softness of shading.



Permanent Makeup for Lips:

Lip permanent is a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure that enhances the appearance of the lips. It aims to add color, definition, and symmetry to the lips, creating the illusion of fuller and more shapely lips.

Lip Liner:

This style focuses on enhancing the lip outline and defining the natural lip shape. It can also help correct asymmetry and irregularities in the lip line.

Lip Blush:

Lip blush involves shading the entire lip area with pigment, creating a soft, natural-looking flush of color. It gives the lips a more defined and voluminous appearance.

Full Lip Color:

Full lip color is a more dramatic option, where the entire lip area is filled with pigment, providing a bold and long-lasting lip color.

Ombre lip:

Ombre lip is a popular cosmetic tattooing technique used to achieve a gradient or two-toned effect on the lips. It creates a soft transition of color from a darker shade on the outer edges of the lips to a lighter shade towards the center. The result is a more natural and dimensional appearance, mimicking the look of professionally applied lip makeup.

Dark lip neutralization:

Dark lip neutralization, also known as lip lightening or lip color correction, is a cosmetic procedure used to address and lighten naturally dark or pigmented lips. This technique is especially beneficial for individuals with lips that have a deep natural color or uneven pigmentation, which may affect their ability to achieve certain lip makeup looks.




Permanent makeup eyeliner, also known as cosmetic tattoo eyeliner or eyeliner tattooing, is a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure used to enhance the appearance of the eyes by applying pigment to the lash line. It aims to create the illusion of fuller and defined eyelashes, making the eyes look more vibrant and expressive.


Men Microblading

Men’s microblading has become increasingly popular as men seek to enhance their grooming and appearance without the need for daily eyebrow maintenance. Microblading for men, also known as male microblading or broblading, is a cosmetic procedure that aims to enhance the appearance of men’s eyebrows. It follows the same principles as microblading for women but takes into account the distinct facial features and preferences of male clients. The goal of men’s microblading is to create natural-looking, well-groomed eyebrows that complement the masculine facial structure and overall appearance.



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